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WiFi&Light Mesh


The system consists of an access point (or WiFi router) network which in fact create the WiFi network; each access point communicates with clients, that are the wifi communication devices (WAD) installed on each led lighting device. The system is controlled by a server (ED), which manages the adjustment of the luminous flux of the lighting devices, the communication and the information.

The WiFi network allows the control of all connected devices at the same time and creates an infrastructure to which connect any WiFi device.

As an example:

  • Telemetering devices: dedicated to monitoring and control of energy consumption
  • Sensors: thermometers, flow meters, RFID, GPS, each sensor of physical variables
  • Internet browsing: if the access point (or router) is connected to Internet, any smartphone or tablet connected to the WiFi network will be able to have direct access to navigation
  • Security Cameras: inserting into the WiFi network a camera, it can be managed by any other device connected to the local WiFi network or to Internet
  • Signage devices: all kinds of safety and informative signals can be added to the network to increase the functionality of the supported systems. 

Other features of the platform are:

  • unlimited number of connected devices and sensors
  • centralization of information and customizable selective reporting


IoT  Enabling Device

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IoT WiFi Antenna Device

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